Gents J&H
Hair Salon in Wynwood, Miami specializing in Cut & Style, Hot Shave, Hair Color, Spa
Cut & Style, Hot Shave, Hair Color, Spa
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Gent's Department

Because You Need Some Hairs Cut.

Look man, I don’t want to come off as too honest too soon because we don’t really know each other super well yet, but the fact is you need some style bro. Take some pride in your look for god’s sake! It’s easy, all you need to do is bring your scruffy-ass into the man cave and let one of our stylists loose on your mug. You need a haircut? Of course you do, that shit grows fast. How about a hot shave? Shut up, yes, you’re getting one of those too. Why? Once that hot towel hits your face you’ll understand why… Take a look around and realize that you’re in good hands – surrounded by cool people with great hair and just relax. No worries. We got you.

  • Men's Cut
  • $50+Session
    • Consultation
    • Wash & Dry
    • Cut & Style

  • Men's Cut + Blowdry
  • $85+Session
    • Wash & Dry
    • Cut & Style
    • Blowdry

  • Hot Shave
  • $45Session
    • Hot Towel
    • Straight Razor
    • Moisturizer

  • Beard Trim
  • $30Session
    • Consultation
    • Straight Razor
    • Oil & Style

Would You Like to Schedule an Appointment?

If you’re ready to schedule an appointment, call our head of guest services at this number (305) 571-8361.

If you like, include the name of the stylist you’d like to see.

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